NEC south west seat vacancy





Tim Lezard, NEC representative for the south west, speaking at ADM 2009 in Southport; (Photo © Simon Chapman)


NEC south west seat vacancy.

Tim Lezard who sits on the NUJ’s National Executive Council (NEC) representing all NUJ members in the south west of England is standing down to take a sabbatical. Many thanks are due to Tim for all the work he has done over the years on our behalf.

The NEC comprises about 28 lay members elected to represent the NUJ’s geographical and industrial sectors, and is responsible for policy decisions on behalf of the whole union in between Delegate Meetings (DM) which now happen every 18 months. The NEC meets about 4 times a year with each meeting lasting a day and a half, but reasonable allowances and expenses may be paid including travel and overnight accommodation if necessary.

Each NUJ Branch in the south west may make nominations for this NEC seat, and elections are by postal ballot using the single transferable vote system and overseen by the Electoral Reform Services. Members wishing to be nominated must be registered with NUJ membership as living in the south west constituency, and must be up-to-date with their membership contributions. Full members, Life members, and Members of Honour are all eligible to stand for the NEC. This is a casual vacancy part way through the term of office and and the person elected will stay in post until the next DM in April 2011.

Nominations must be made on a specific form, normally approved and signed at a Branch meeting. There has not yet been an official announcement, but I have spoken with the NUJ’s head office and hope we will have the nomination papers and the dates of any election available by next week’s Branch meeting. If anyone is interested in being nominated for the south west seat on the NEC then please come to this Branch meeting. You may also contact me in advance.

Simon Chapman
Branch Secretary
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