Live stream: ‘What’s the Blogging Story?’ and Newsfutures workshops for bloggers

| October 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

We’ve organised online live streaming for this weekend’s discussions and workshops about the interface between blogging, journalism and global media.

So now everyone, wherever they are, will be able to watch the events, chat about them, and join in via Twitter.

Streaming will be live from 7 p.m. this evening, at ‘What’s the Blogging Story?’ It will continue tomorrow at the two Newsfutures workshops, ‘Blogging Hell!’ and ‘Jo Bloggs – but is it journalism?’.

When you go to the link (click on link above, or copy and paste the url below into your browser window), you’ll see two blue icons to the right of the video screen on the site.

The ‘chat’ icon takes you into the chat room associated with the show – please feel free to use it!

Clicking on the ’social media’ icon will mean you can tweet directly from the site if you’re logged in to Twitter.

Tweets will come onstream, and some may be fed into the live session in the hall. All of them will become part of the archive of the event.

Welcome to everyone who, even if they’re not present in the hall, will be sharing these events with us.

Twitter hashtag: #newsfutures

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