How to land a job: advice from a newbie

by Christina Zaba

WE all know that in current times, the chances of landing an actual job in journalism are somewhat more slender than that of a snowball staying intact in the eternal furnaces of the damned.

So you’ve got to admire the pioneering spirit of the five “wannabe hacks” who took their fate into their own hands and set up a website full of useful advice, chronicling their journey towards solvency and success in this increasingly daunting field.

They’ve been working the social networks, getting experience of rejections, honing their skills, and gradually building that most indispensable thing: reputation.

And now, one of the five Wannabe Hacks has just landed herself a job – at the highly sought-after Wired magazine.

She has blogged about how she did it. So here are her handy tips for any jobseeking journalist – and especially for beginners.

We hope these intrepid people are NUJ members. If they’re not, they should be.

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