Bath Spa students appeal to the media – Help us find James!

James Bubear (19), Bath Spa University student who went missing on 13 March 2011

James Bubear, a 19-year-old student of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, went missing on Sunday 13 March. His story has slipped quickly from the news agenda. He has not been found.

Now the students are organising a march, Facebook pages, and more, to raise awareness and rally media support. They say: Please help us find James!

Bristol NUJ is glad to support their campaign.

by Kelly Sorbie, Bournemouth Daily Echo and Bath Spa graduate

Concerned Bath Spa University students and friends are rallying media support in the fight to find missing student James Bubear after concerns his story may be fading out of the public eye.

Students and friends of James have been handing out flyers around the town in hope of sparking new information, and a Facebook group set up by Dae Thomas, a family friend, has already amassed over 4,000 members.

The group is convinced something has happened to James and want to continue the search in any way they can.

A march is being held on Saturday 26th March at 3pm covering the route James is believed to have taken home that night from Revolution Bar through Bath town centre to his halls at Waterside Court on Lower Bristol Road.

James’ sister Hannah and other family members will be attending.

Students will be carrying signs, banners and flyers and using face-paints to recreate the distinctive fancy dress make-up James was wearing on the night he disappeared.

They hope that the media will come to the event, organised by fellow students Siegfried Baber and James’ flatmate Eleanor Emery, and that it will raise awareness for James.

James’ flatmates and friends have been at the forefront of organising actions to find him.

The 19-year-old creative writing student from Llandrindod in Wales went missing on Sunday, March 13th after attending a fancy dress party with friends at the Revolution Bar on George Street, Bath.

He was last seen leaving Revolution at around 10.30pm that evening and walking alone up St James’ Road West near the Odeon Cinema.

Police are still appealing for the young woman seen speaking to James at around 11pm, opposite Green Park Tavern to come forward.

Police divers have searched the River Avon, but have found no trace of James. His mobile phone and passport were found by a street cleaner in a nearby doorway, the morning after he vanished.

James’ flatmates and family are anxious for any news. The boy’s father Andre and 23 year-old sister Hannah spent yesterday in town, talking to his friends and aiding police enquiries.

James’ other sister Amy has explained that while there have been no updates in the case and no new leads to follow, they are not giving up hope:

“ As a family we’re staying close and supporting each other, trying to keep positive. We are amazed by the support from people and can’t thank everyone enough for their continuous support and hard work, the wider this spreads and the more people who know the better.”

Amy described her brother as a clever boy, who was funny and easy to get along with and who loved being with his friends.

Fran Bradshaw, one of James’ close friends agrees: “James is the most loyal, funny and sweetest guy out there. He’d never leave without saying goodbye and I miss him so much, as does everyone who knows him. I hear people on the bus talking about him like he was just a drunken teenager, but really, he’s so much more than that. He’s my best friend.”

James’ flatmate Charlotte Pilbeam is equally upset: “We all just want James to come home really, every day we just hope that we hear some good news.”

For further information please go to the facebook websites,

and use the twitter hashtags #helpfindjames and #march4bubear.

For the Avon and Somerset Constabulary page with details of the case, click here

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  1. Becky says:

    Plese find james and sian safe my thoughts are with u all xx

  2. Ian says:

    Whatever has happened fella, just get yourself back to those who love and miss you

  3. Hollie says:

    The help and support being given in the search for James is absolutely phenomenal. It is important that James disappearance is kept at the front of peoples minds. I am unable to attend the march on the 26th but i really hope that it helps in the search for james. I continue to pray for James safe return daily and his family are never far from my mind. I will post about James on facebook daily to remind everyone that while they live their day to day lives..a young lad is missing and his family are in turmoil. xxx

  4. jackie Green says:

    Good luck with your search… I hope that you find something to help family and friends and that James is returned to you all xxx

  5. Sam says:

    James and his family are in our thoughts.

  6. Barbara says:

    I hope James is found. This must be so worrying and stressful for his family. What a pity the media drop news stories like this so quickly. Well done to all for keeping this matter going – let us hope he returns safe and well.

  7. Barbara Bloomfield says:

    Such a worrying time – good to see everyone, including his fellow students, wanting to help. All thoughts are with you at Bath Spa Uni.

  8. Siegfried Baber says:

    Quick update: Eleanor Emery who is helping run the march, and is a close friend of James’ has recorded a short segment to be shown on the BBC Points West news show at 6.30pm tonight. Also Don Foster MP has said that if he can make it, he will appear at some stage on Saturday to offer his support.

  9. g. clarke says:

    I don’t know James but even I know the media needs to get on to this so the police can find the girl seen on cctv.
    Will be supporting you in mind but not in person while you are on the march..good on you.. it should generate a lot more publicity. Pray James returns safe and sound.

  10. Anna-Marie Young says:

    Dear Christina and everyone at the NUJ,

    We can’t thank you enough for your unstinting support during the appeal, and march to find James Bubear. Without your backing and knowledge, all of our work wouldn’t have mattered. It means so much that such a large organisation will have faith in a few passionate students!

    We were advised, supported, put in contact with links in the press and then Christina also came to the march! I know how much effort she must have put in, as well as her colleagues. I was in touch with Christina every day, i knew if there was a problem or a question I had she would have no hesitation in helping.

    I feel so proud to have been part of something amazing, I feel like we really have made a difference.

    Anna-Marie Young, student and press contact for the march.

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