Event: ‘Innovation Academy’ of local journalism skills in Bristol, Friday 1 April 2011

NUJ student member Julija Jegorova hones her filming skills at the Bristol & District Anti-Cuts Alliance demonstration in Bristol, February 2011. (Photo © Simon Chapman)


“Innovation Academy: 21st Century Local News – Essential Journalism

Friday 1 April 2011

Watershed, Waterside 1, from 14.00 to 15.00


Across the world, news is changing fast as social media, citizen reporting, and expert bloggers change the face of journalism. We have a huge appetite for information and stories, and how news is delivered, who it is from and how relevant it is are all being redefined.

With diverse communities and great knowledge-bases, the Bristol area is well-placed for innovation – so what skills do we need to move forward?

Matthew Eltringham provides a training session, as a taster for what the expectations of hyper-local news will be.

Delivered by Bristol Media and BBC Academy for the Bristol-BBC Anchor Project in association with Skillset”

For more info on this free event, and how to register, click here.

Please note: this information is posted because we think it might be of interest to Bristol NUJ members and readers of this site; it is not an NUJ or trade union meeting.

The ‘hyperlocal news’ movement seems to us to be a possible way of harnessing, or crowdsourcing, the skills of members of the public – possibly without payment. Is this journalism? Should it be? Is it professional? Does that matter?

If you go to this meeting, and find answers to these questions, please come back and tell us in the Comments below.

Let’s get the conversation going.

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