Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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OMG. They went to the seaside and they didn’t take me.

I don’t really know why. I would have liked going in the water and running on the beach. And I would have been a good delegate at the Delegates’ Meeting, I think, because I always do try to be good.

I sniffed all around the suitcases when I went to the station with Young Master to pick them up when it was all over, and what could I smell?

A smoky train. Cameras. Salt. Chocolate (I’m not allowed that, except in emergencies.) Papers. Print. And many, many people.

I could tell that they were the activist sort of people, which is probably why everyone was so happy and cheerful when they piled off the train even though they had had to change to lots of different trains and go on a long bus ride as well, to get back from Southport to Bristol. True, I wouldn’t have liked that bit.

They were all talking about the Motions, and the Students’ Blog, and I had a good lean against one of the students and she patted me on the head.

The Motions were a big success, from what I could tell.

This was the year when a new General Secretary was elected. If I ever go to London I would like to go and visit her at Headland House where the Union Head Quarters is. It must be a bit like going to see the Queen, but  nicer.

Two women were awarded Membership of Honour, ‘Stalin’s Granny’ Anita Halpin and 25-years-Branch-Chair Mary Beilby. Both of these ladies have selflessly served the Union for years and I would have licked their hands if I’d been there. Sister Beilby used to come to Delegates’ Meetings with her own dog, they said! It was a Guide Dog though, and they have different Rights and Responsibilities from me.

I do wonder if maybe, if I lie under the table at enough Branch Meetings, one day someone will award me Newshound of Honour.

That weekend was a very sad weekend because a horse broke his back trying to please his master by jumping in a huge race called the Grand National, and another horse broke his neck trying to please HIS master, and another horse got very dangerously ill.

The master whose horse won has so much money, no-one can count it: five hundred million pounds.

He came from Southport, where the brothers and sisters were having their meeting. The horses are trained on the beach there.

It made me feel very sick and sad to hear about so many horses having to put themselves in so much danger. The NUJ would never do that to me or my colleagues. We have Motions about Equality, so that keeps us safe.

Ever since the DM, the brothers and sisters have been very tied up and busy, Tweeting and planning what to do next. There are Controversies in Bristol that they are getting involved in.

It sounds quite a lot, to me. I think I’ll just stay under the table, and quietly table a motion. That should help.

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