HRH Prince Philip hosts Summit of religious and Secular leaders at Windsor Castle, Launching dozens of long-term commitments to climate change. Attended by UN General Secretary Mr Ban Ki-moon

Faith leaders from around the world will meet at Windsor at an event hosted by HRH The Prince Philip and attended by the Secretary General of the United Nations, His Excellency Mr Ban Ki-moon. The aim is to launch and discuss their long term initiatives to Protect the Living Planet. The Celebration comes a month before the Copenhagen Climate Change talks in December.

The Celebration – a Summit of Religious and Secular leaders – will launch dozens of long-term commitments by all the major faith traditions. These Commitments cover for example: all Daoist Temples in China solar powered; creating faith-based eco-labelling systems in Islam, Hinduism and Judaism; greening all types of religious buildings; protecting sacred forests; developing ethical investment policies; printing sacred books on environmentally-friendly paper; creating educational programmes through the faiths’ major role in both formal and informal education.

Just over a year ago, ARC and UNDP launched the unique partnership to help faiths make these long-term plans and commitments. The commitments are related to the fundamental problem of our abuse of nature – of which climate change is one major symptom. While the proximity of the Copenhagen COP is important, these faith commitments will take place whatever does or does not happen at Copenhagen.

Windsor marks the largest ever commitment by the faiths to environmental action. To partner with them ARC and UNDP have invited key secular environmental organisations to commit to work side by side with the faiths. From this initiative new collaborations are already being planned.

“The world’s faiths joined together in this cause – if viewed in terms of sheer numbers of people – could become the planet’s largest civil society movement for change. With their unparalleled presence throughout the world, the world’s religions could be the decisive force that helps top the scales in favor of a world of climate safety and justice for future generations… this event will be one for the history books,” said Olav Kjorven, Assistant Secretary-General UNDP.

Obligatory Credit “Stonehouse Photographic”

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